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3.1 PKG-INFO metadata

As a base, the pyconf script requires a PKG-INFO file containing metadata about the project. This file should fit the requirements of the PKG-INFO metadata file format as outlined in the PEP 345 document. The file consists of several Key: value pairs. Some keys may be specified more than once, meaning that the package has several such values, while others may appear only once. Refer to PEP 345 for the authoritative specification.

For the purposes of pyconfigure, only four keys are required. The first, “Metadata-Version” must have a value of 1.2 or higher; earlier metadata specification versions are not supported. “Name”, which may only appear once, contains the package's name. Similarly, “Version” contains the package version number. Finally, “Author-email” contains the principal email address for the project. Other keys are required to fully meet the PEP 345 specification; refer to that document for more information.

Here is a minimal example required to get started:

     Metadata-Version: 1.2
     Name: foo
     Version: 1.5