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There are some minimum modifications that should be made in The file contains a significant amount of information in the form of comments, so it is possible to discern your needs while editing. For more advanced usage, it is recommended to refer to the see Autoconf manual.

In this file you will see a macro called AC_INIT. This is a standard Autoconf macro. The arguments to this are automatically generated from the PKG-INFO file that you used. These three values are used extensively in the files modified by the configure script, so it is important that they be correct.

Further down, you will also find a macro called PC_INIT. This is the core macro of pyconfigure. This will build the code necessary to find a suitable Python interpreter on the user's computer. To that end, you can pass arguments to this macro which specify the minimum and/or maximum supported Python versions.

While the default script will likely be sufficient for a basic Python-based project, it may be made to be much more powerful for packages with more complex needs. To that end, several Autoconf macros are provided in the file m4/python.m4 to allow the developer to write robust tests See Autoconf macros. Note that when you distribute your software, you must include this directory and file with your distribution if you also distribute your file.

Once you modify your to your liking, you must regenerate your configure script with the script that is generated by pyconfigure.

     $ ./

A full explanation of the general use of Autoconf macros is beyond the scope of this document, however it is worth presenting some examples.