Help for viewing QAlbum photo albums

This album is generated with qalbum.

It is intended that it work on all browsers, but it works best with modern browsers with CSS and JavaScript enabled.

<--Issues: Firefox: Ok Chrome: In non-slider mode, next and prev URLs end eith '#'. Opera: In slider mode, hash does not get updated. Konquoror: Changing style (medium/large/info) while in slider doesn't work. Konquoror/IE: No automatic focus when entering slider mode. All (?): "native" in zoom input field zoom. -->

Mouse actions

In addition to the obvious buttons (in yellow), some other useful mouse action are available:

Keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts might be easier than clicking. (They only work if JavaScript is enabled.)

Go to the Previous image.
Go to the Next image.
Go Up to the index page.
Show the Large image.
Show the Information page.
Show the Medium (default) page.

OBSOLETE information on picture styles

You can choose between different picture sizes and display styles using the Style selector. (Some of the styles require JavaScript to be enabled. If JavaScript is not available, you get buttons to choose between the Medium, Large, and Info styles.)

The default style shows a picture scaled to at most 740 pixels in either direction. This is suitable for low-to-moderate bandwidth connections, and should work for any display at least 800 pixels wide.
This currently uses the original unscaled image, so it is best for high-bandwidth connections and larger displays. What with increasing camera resulations, in the future we might need to add an extra huge size for originals.)
This shows a small (thumbnail) image, but also shows various EXIF information about the camera and the image. It also has direct links to the image (.jpg) files, and any outtake/alternative images.
Large, scaled
Uses the large image, and automatically scaled it to fit the current window. This means you don't have to scroll the picture if it doesn't fit. It is very nice for fullscreen mode. The initial navigation links and text may overlap the image, depending on the relative image and window sizes. Type h to hide the links and text; another h brings them back.
Large, scaled, no text
Same as the previous style followed by typing h to hide the links and text. Type h brings them back.
Medium, scaled
Same as Large, scaled, but uses the medium image. This downloads and displays much faster, but the pictures aren't quite as nice-looking.
Medium, scaled, no text
Same as Large, scaled, no text, but uses the medium image.
On the left shows a scrollable frame with all the images, while the rest of the window matches the medium image. This makes it easy to navigate to the picture you want.