The GNU Realtime Action-Oriented Deterministic Automaton for Remediation

Purpose: To provide "Internet-quality" Network Management based on RFCs
License: GPL
Development: Baazar, Anon-access CVS.

All software will be assigned to the FSF.

A pretty picture of the overall design.

Phase 1: Standard SNMP traps and ICMP Echo(Ping) or Mask response. Notification action extensible though Guile & Executibles/Script Languages (Perl, etc). TCP service checking by polling ports to see if service is still functioning.

Phase 2: Gtk+ based graphical system

Phase 3: All facilities accessible through web interface. RMON/RMON II monitoring

Phase 4: Packet capture/decoder.

The Phases are not necessarily sequencial, they merely represent units of work that should be logically completed together.

Last Updated: Nov 12, 1998
Jeff Bailey