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13.2.9 Acct-Status-Type

ATTRIBUTE Acct-Status-Type 40 integer









Proxy propagated:


VALUE    Acct-Status-Type    Start              1
VALUE    Acct-Status-Type    Stop               2 
VALUE    Acct-Status-Type    Alive              3
VALUE    Acct-Status-Type    Accounting-On      7
VALUE    Acct-Status-Type    Accounting-Off     8

This attribute indicates whether this Accounting-Request marks the beginning of the user service (Start) or the end (Stop).

It may also be used to mark the start of accounting (for example, upon booting) by specifying Accounting-On and to mark the end of accounting (for example, just before a scheduled reboot) by specifying Accounting-Off.

A special value Alive or Interim-Update indicates the packet that contains some additional data to the initial Start record or to the last Alive record.

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