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Function declarations

A Rewrite function is declared as follows:

type function-name (parameter-list)

where type specifies the return type of the function, function-name declares the symbolic name of the function, and parameter-list declares the formal parameters to the function. It is a comma-separated list of declarations in the form

type parm-name

type being the parameter type, and parm-name being its symbolic name. Both function-name and parm-name should be valid identifiers.

Variable declarations

There are no global variables in Rewrite. All variables are local. The local variables are declared right after the opening curly brace (‘{’) and before any executable statements. The declaration syntax is

type ident_list ;

Here ident_list is either a valid Rewrite identifier or a comma-separated list of such identifiers.

Note that, unlike in C, no assignments are allowed in variable declarations.

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