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13.3.8 Exec-Program

ATTRIBUTE Exec-Program 1038 string









Proxy propagated:


When present in the RHS, the Exec-Program attribute specifies the full pathname and arguments for the program to be executed when the entry matches.

The command line can reference any attributes from both check and reply pairlists, using attribute macros (see section Macro Substitution).

Before the execution of the program, radiusd switches to the uid and gid of the user daemon and the group daemon. You can override these defaults by setting variables exec-program-user and exec-program-group in configuration file to proper values The option statement.

The daemon does not wait for the process to terminate.


Suppose the ‘users’ file contains the following entry:

DEFAULT Auth-Type = System,
                Simultaneous-Use = 1
        Exec-Program = "/usr/local/sbin/logauth \
                        %C{User-Name} \

Then, upon successful matching, the program ‘/usr/local/sbin/logauth’ will be executed. It will get as its arguments the values of the User-Name and Calling-Station-Id attributes from the request pairs.

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