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13.3.12 Huntgroup-Name

ATTRIBUTE Huntgroup-Name 221 string









Proxy propagated:


The Huntgroup-Name can be used either in the LHS of the ‘users’ file record or in the RHS of the ‘huntgroups’ file record.

When encountered in a LHS of a particular ‘users’ profile, this attribute indicates the huntgroup name to be matched. Radius looks up the corresponding record in the ‘huntgroups’ file. If such a record is found, each A/V pair from its reply list is compared against the corresponding pair from the request being processed. The request matches only if it contains all the attributes from the specified huntgroup, and their values satisfy the conditions listed in the huntgroup pairs.

For example, suppose that the authentication request contains the following attributes:

User-Name = "john",
User-Password = "guess",
NAS-IP-Address =,
NAS-Port-Id = 24

Let us further suppose that the ‘users’ file contains the following entry:

john    Huntgroup-Name = "users_group",
                Auth-Type = System
        Service-Type = Login

and, finally, ‘huntgroups’ contains the following entry:

users_group     NAS-IP-Address =
                NAS-Port-Id < 32

Then the authentication request will succeed, since it contains NAS-Port-Id attribute and its value is less than 32.

See section Huntgroups — ‘raddb/huntgroups.

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