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2.4.4 Huntgroups

Huntgroups are special rules that allow an administrator to provide alternate processing of certain incoming requests depending on the NAS IP and port number they come from. These rules are stored as a list of matching rules (see section Matching Rule).

Upon receiving a request, radiusd scans this list sequentially until it finds an entry such that the conditions set forth in its LHS are matched by the request. If such an entry is found, radiusd verifies that the request meets the conditions described by RHS. If it does not, the request is rejected. In short, a huntgroup requires that any request matching its LHS must match also its RHS.

The label part of the rule is not used in comparisons; instead it is used to label huntgroups. All entries with the same label form a single huntgroup. The special attribute Huntgroup-Name can be used to request a match against a particular huntgroup (see section Huntgroup-Name).

Huntgroup rules are defined in the ‘raddb/huntgroups’ file (see section Huntgroups — ‘raddb/huntgroups).

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