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13.3.14 Login-Time

ATTRIBUTE Login-Time 1042 string









Proxy propagated:


The Login-Time attribute specifies the time range over which the user is allowed to log in. The attribute should be specified in the LHS.

The format of the Login-Time string is the same as that of UUCP time ranges. The following description of the time range format is adopted from the documentation for the Taylor UUCP package:

A time string may be a list of simple time strings separated with vertical bars ‘|’ or commas ‘,’.

Each simple time string must begin either with a day-of-week abbreviation (one of ‘Su’, ‘Mo’, ‘Tu’, ‘We’, ‘Th’, ‘Fr’, ‘Sa’), or ‘Wk’ for any day from Monday to Friday inclusive, or ‘Any’ or ‘Al’ for any day.

Following the day may be a range of hours separated with a hyphen, using 24-hour time. The range of hours may cross 0; for example ‘2300-0700’ means any time except 7 AM to 11 PM. If no time is given, calls may be made at any time on the specified day(s).

The time string may also be the single word ‘Never’, which does not match any time.

Here are a few sample time strings with an explanation of what they mean.


This means weekdays before 8:55 AM or after 11:05 PM, any time Saturday, or Sunday before 4:55 PM or after 11:05 PM. These are approximately the times during which night rates apply to phone calls in the U.S.A. Note that this time string uses, for example, ‘2305’ rather than ‘2300’; this will ensure a cheap rate even if the computer clock is running up to five minutes ahead of the real time.


This means weekdays from 9:05 AM to 10:55 PM, or Sunday from 5:05 PM to 10:55 PM. This is approximately the opposite of the previous example.


This means any day. Since no time is specified, it means any time on any day.

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