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2.3 Matching Rule

A record in the GNU Radius database describing a particular rule for matching an incoming request is called a matching rule. Each such rule defines an action to be taken when the match occurs.

The matching rule consists of three distinct parts:


This is used to identify the rule. The special usernames DEFAULT and BEGIN are reserved. These will be described in detail below.

Left-Hand Side (LHS)

The list of attribute-value pairs used for matching the profile against an incoming request.

Right-Hand Side (RHS)

The list of attribute-value pairs that define the action to be taken if the request matches LHS.

The following GNU Radius configuration files keep data in a matching rule format: ‘hints’, ‘huntgroups’, and ‘users’. Although they keep data in a similar format, the rules that are used to match incoming requests against the contents of these files differ from file to file. The following section describes these rules in detail.

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