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6.9 Multiple Login Checking

The number of sessions a user can have open simultaneously can be restricted by setting Simultaneous-Use attribute in the user's profile LHS (see section Simultaneous-Use). By default the number of simultaneous sessions is unlimited.

When a user with limited number of simultaneous logins authenticates himself, Radius counts the number of the sessions that are already opened by this user. If this number is equal to the value of Simultaneous-Use attribute the authentication request is rejected.

This process is run in several stages. First, Radius retrieves the information about currently opened sessions from one of its accounting databases. Then, it verifies whether all these sessions are still active. This pass is necessary since an open entry might be a result of missing Stop request. Finally, the server counts the sessions and compares their count with the value of Simultaneous-Use attribute.

The following subsections address each stage in detail.

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