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Each line of logging information generated by radiusd has an associated category. The logging statement allows each category of output to be controlled independently of the others. The logging category is defined by category name and a severity. category name determines what part of radiusd daemon is allowed to send its logging information to this channel. It can be any of main, auth, acct, proxy, snmp. priority determines the minimum priority of the messages displayed by this channel. The priorities in ascending order are: debug, info, notice, warn, err, crit, alert, emerg.

The full category specification, denoted by the category_spec in the above section, can take any of the following three forms:


Print the messages of given category.


Print messages of all categories, abridged by given priority. If the priority is prefixed with ‘=’, only messages with given priority will be displayed. If it is prefixed with ‘!’, the messages with priority other than the specified will be displayed. Otherwise, the messages with priorities equal to or greater than the specified will be displayed.

category_name . priority

Print the messages of given category, abridged by given priority. The priority may be prefixed with either ‘=’ or ‘!’ as described above. The dot (‘.’) separates the priority from the category name, it may be surrounded by any amount of whitespace.

Additional category options valid for auth category are:


Log individual authentications.


Include passwords for successful authentications. It is very insecure, since all users' passwords will be echoed in the logfile. This option is provided only for debugging purposes.


Include passwords for failed authentications.

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