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A.3.6 grad_instr_reply

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Instruction: grad_instr_reply_t return_code
struct grad_instr_reply {
       u_char reply_code;         /* Radius request code */
typedef struct grad_instr_reply grad_instr_reply_t;

grad_instr_reply instructs radiusd to send to the requesting NAS a reply with code reply_code. Any reply pairs collected while executing the program are attached to the reply.

After executing grad_instr_reply instruction, the engine stops executing of the program.

Any execution path will usually end with this instruction.

RPL representation

RPL defun: REPLY reply-code [attr-list]



Radius reply code.


List of A/V pairs to be added to the reply. Each A/V pair is represented as a cons: (name-or-number . value).


(REPLY Access-Accept
       ("Service-Type" . "Framed-User")
       ("Framed-Protocol" . "PPP"))

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