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4.1.8 guile statement

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The guile statement allows to configure server interface with Guile.


guile {
        debug bool ; 
        load-path string ; 
        load string ; 
        load-module string [ string ... ] ; 
        eval expression [ expression ... ] ; 
        gc-interval number ; 
        outfile string ; 


Boolean statements


When set to yes, enables debugging evaluator and backtraces on Guile scripts.

Numeric statements


Configures the forced garbage collections. By default the invocation of the garbage collector is run by the internal Guile mechanism. However, you may force Radius to trigger the garbage collection at fixed time intervals. The gc-interval statement sets such interval in seconds.

For more information about Guile memory management system in general and garbage collections in particular, see (guile)Memory Management section `Memory Management and Garbage Collection' in The Guile Reference Manual.

String statements


Evaluates its argument as Scheme expression.


Adds specified pathname to %load-path variable.


Loads the specified source file on startup.


Loads the specified Scheme module on startup. This statement takes an arbitrary number of arguments. The first argument specifies the name of the module to load, the rest of arguments is passed to the module initialization funtion. Module initialization function is a function named ‘module-init’, where module is the module name. Arguments are converted using usual Guile rules, except that the ones starting with a dash (‘-’) are converted to keyword arguments.


Redirects the standard output and standard error streams of the Guile functions to the given file. Unless the filename starts with ‘/’, it is taken relative to the current logging directory.

See section Guile, for a detailed description of Guile extensions interface.

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