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12.4 nas.scm

nas.scm is a Guile program that allows one to convert a GNU/Linux box into a NAS. It requires Guile version 1.4 or better and PPP version 2.3.7 or better.

To use it, you will basically need to do the following:

  1. Create links:
    ln -s libexec/nas.scm /etc/ppp/ip-up
    ln -s libexec/nas.scm /etc/ppp/ip-down

    Here, libexec denotes the location of your libexec directory, where nas.scm is installed. If not overridden at configure time, it defaults to ‘prefix/libexec’. These links assure that ppp will invoke nas.scm when the user's session starts and ends, thus giving it a possibility to send accounting requests.

  2. Configure the file ‘raddb/client.conf’.
  3. Edit the file ‘raddb/nas.rc’. The supplied ‘nas.rc’ template is tailored to work in most environments. The only variables you may need to change are nas-log-facility, specifying the syslog facility to be used for logging, and pppd-args, keeping the arguments to be given to ppp.
  4. Configure your ‘/etc/inittab’ and getty.

    For example, if you use mgetty, then the ‘inittab’ entries for dial-up lines will look like:

    d0:345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty ttyS0 vt100
    d1:345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty ttyS1 vt100

    mgetty's ‘login.config’ will then contain the following line:

    *       -       -       /usr/local/libexec/nas.scm @

    If you use agetty, then the ‘inittab’ will contain (with the long lines split for readability)

    d0:345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -mt60 \
       -l /usr/local/libexec/nas.scm 38400,19200,9600 \
       ttyS0 vt100
    d1:345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -mt60 \
       -l /usr/local/libexec/nas.scm 38400,19200,9600 \
       ttyS1 vt100

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