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11.1.1 radwho Command Line Options

The following command line options can be used to modify the behavior of the program:


Display the information about logged-out users as well. The logged-out users are shown with ‘Proto’ field set to HUP.


Display the calling station ID in the second column. Equivalent to ‘--format clid’.

--directory NAME

Set the Radius configuration directory name.

-D fmt
--date-format fmt

Set the date representation. Th fmt is usual strftime(3) format string. It defaults to %a %H:%M, i.e. the abbreviated weekday name according to the current locale, and the hour and the minutes as two-digit decimal numbers.

--empty STRING

Display any empty field as STRING. This is useful when the output of radwho is fed to some analyzing program, as it helps to keep the same number of columns on each line of output.


Start in fingerd mode. In this mode radwho emulates the behavior of the fingerd(8) utility. Use this option if starting radwho from the ‘/etc/inetd.conf’ line like this (5):

finger stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/sbin/radwho
radwho -fL

This mode is also enabled by default if radwho notices that its name (argv[0]) is ‘fingerd’ or ‘in.fingerd’.


Don't display header line.


Display session ID instead of GECOS in the second column. Equivalent to ‘--format sid’.


Display hostnames without domain part.


Display information about local users from the system ‘utmp’ file. May prove useful when running radwho as a finger daemon.


Do not resolve IP.

-o format
--format format

Select customized output format. This can also be changed by setting the value of environment variable RADWHO_FORMAT. The format is either a symbolic name of one of the predefined formats or a format specification (see next subsection).


Run in secure mode. Queries without a user name are rejected.

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