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I would like to acknowledge Oswaldo Aguirre and Francisco Obispo, who invested a lot of time and effort to debug and test the program. They also wrote web-radact --- a web interface to the radius database.

Alexandre Oliva provided a lot of good advice and offered valuable help in testing Radius on various platforms.

The following people provided many helpful comments, bug reports and patches: Dustin Mitchell, Jody Owens, Andrey Y. Mosienko, Oleg Gawriloff, Adrian P. van Bloois, Michael Samuel, Michael Smirnov, Andrey Pavlenko, Michael Weiser, Eric Salomé, Clement Gerouville, Dave Restall, Vlad Lungu, Robert Abbate, Jaime Tellez Sanchez, Cornel Cristea, Krzysztof Kopera, and David Friedman.

Additional people need to be thanked for their assistance in producing this manual. Lisa M. Goldstein coordinated its preparation and Joseph C. Fineman and Daniel Barowy did a remarkable job of editing.

And of course, thanks to Richard M. Stallman for founding the FSF and starting the GNU project.

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