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11.8 builddbm


builddbm converts the plaintext Radius users database into DBM files. Some versions of the Radius daemon have used this to speed up the access to the users database. However, with GNU Radius things go the other way around. The server reads the entire plaintext database, converts it into internal form, and stores into a hash table, which provides for fast access. Actually, using a DBM version of the users database slows down the access unless the machine that runs the Radius daemon is short of address space for the daemon to store the users database.


When used without arguments, the builddbm utility attempts to convert the file ‘raddb/users’ to ‘raddb/users.db’ or to the pair ‘raddb/users.pag’, ‘raddb/users.dir’, depending on the version of the DBM library used.

If used with one argument, that argument is taken as the name of the plaintext database file to operate upon.

Use the following command line options to modify the operation of buildbm:

-d dir

Specifies alternate directory for the Radius configuration files. This defaults to ‘/usr/local/etc/raddb’.


Outputs short usage summary and exits with 0 exit code.

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