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1. Naming Conventions

This chapter describes file naming conventions used throughout this document.

Programs from the GNU Radius package use the following directories to store various configuration and log files:

Configuration or database directory

A directory where all configuration files are stored.

Log directory

A directory where radiusd stores its log files.

Accounting directory

A directory where radiusd stores accounting detail files (see section Detailed Request Accounting).

Data directory

A directory where shared data files are stored, such as Rewrite or Scheme source files.

The default locations of these directories are determined at compile time. Usually these are:


Short name

Default location

Configuration directory



Log directory



Accounting directory



Data directory



These locations may differ depending on your local site configuration.

Throughout this document we will refer to these directories by their short names. For example, when we say:

... this information is contained in file ‘raddb/sqlserver

we actually mean ‘/usr/local/etc/raddb/sqlserver’.

To get the default directory names that your version of Radius was compiled with, run radiusd --version.

Locations of these directories may be overridden by specifying the appropriate command line options. For example, any program from the GNU Radius package accepts the command line option ‘-d’ or ‘--directory’, which introduces the configuration directory path.

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