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11.6 radauth

The radauth utility sends the Radius server an Access-Request packet and displays the result it gets. If the server responds with Access-Accept radauth can also send an Accounting-Request thereby initiating user's session.

The utility is a radtest program. See section Sample Radtest Program, for the detailed discussion of its internals.


radauth [options] [command] user-name [password]

Options are:


Print verbose descriptions of what is being done.

-n nas-ip

Set NAS IP address

-s sid

Set accounting session ID

-P port

Set NAS port number.

Valid commands are:


Send only Access-Request. This is the default.


Send Access-Request. If successfull, send Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Start.


Send Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Start.


Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Stop.

The program determines which Radius server to use, the authentication port number, and the shared secret, following the procedure common to all client scripts (see section Client Configuration).

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