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12.1 Client Configuration

All programs from the client package share the same configuration file: ‘raddb/client.conf’. The file uses simple line-oriented syntax. Empty lines are ignored; the command ‘#’ introduces an end-of-line comment.

The source IP is introduced with the source_ip statement. Its syntax is:

source_ip ip-addr

where ip-addr must be the IP in dotted-quad notation.

The Radius server to send the requests to is introduced with server statement:

server name ip-addr secret auth-port acct-port

Its parts are:


The server name. It is reserved for further use.


The server IP.


The shared secret to be used when sending requests to this server.


The authentication port number.


The accounting port number.

If several server statement are present, they are tried in turn until one of them replies to the request.

The amount of time a client program waits for the reply from a server is configured using the timeout statement:

timeout number

If the program does not receive any response within number seconds, it assumes the server does not respond and either retries the transmission or tries the next available server. The number of retries is set with the retry statement:

retry number

The example ‘raddb/client.conf’ follows:

server first secret 1645 1646
server second secret 1645 1646
timeout 3
retry 5

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