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12.5 pam_radius.so

pam_radius.so is a PAM module for Radius authentication. The module understands the following command line options:


Enable audit information.


Enable debugging information. The higher level is, the more debugging info is output. When omitted, level defaults to 100.

Debugging levels equal to or greater than 10 compromise users' passwords, so use them sparingly.


Use the authentication token passed from the previous module in the stack.


Look for configuration files in path. The default is ‘$sysconfdir/etc/raddb’.


This keyword marks the end of command line options. The part of the command line after it is parsed as a whitespace-separated list of A/V pairs to be sent with the request.


This option is retained for compatibility with the 0.96 series of GNU Radius. It is equivalent to

        attr: Service-Type=type

The pam_radius.so module logs its messages under LOG_AUTH syslog facility.

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