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8 Usage Recommendations

8.1 Start Small

GNU remotecontrol can operate on a laptop, a desktop, even a hand-held computer.....if you can achieve setting up your Web Server and Database Server.

It will probably be much easier on you to setup a GNU remotecontrol system while using your existing Energy Management Control System. This will allow you to learn, test, try, think, try some more, all side-by-side with all of your existing systems. Then, when you are ready, switch over seamlessly to use GNU remotecontrol as your primary system, along with your (then) old Energy Management Control System, to make sure you are absolutely comfortable with your setup of your GNU remotecontrol system. Finally, once your are comfortable with your GNU remotecontrol, decommission your old Energy Management Control System.

Benefits of running GNU remotecontrol on a smaller hardware combination include:

8.2 Strongly Encouraged

8.3 Food for Thought

There are many different ways you can use the data you collect:

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