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11.4 Bell

— Command: bell_msg [message]

When a bell character is sent to a background window, screen displays a notification in the message line. The notification message can be re-defined by this command. Each occurrence of ‘%’ in message is replaced by the number of the window to which a bell has been sent, and each occurrence of ‘^G’ is replaced by the definition for bell in your termcap (usually an audible bell). The default message is

          'Bell in window %n'

An empty message can be supplied to the bell_msg command to suppress output of a message line (bell_msg ""). Without parameter, the current message is shown.

— Command: vbell [state]

(C-a C-g)
Sets or toggles the visual bell setting for the current window. If vbell is switched to ‘on’, but your terminal does not support a visual bell, the visual bell message is displayed in the status line when the bell character is received. Visual bell support of a terminal is defined by the termcap variable vb. See Visual Bell, for more information on visual bells. The equivalent terminfo capability is flash.

Per default, vbell is ‘off’, thus the audible bell is used.

— Command: vbell_msg [message]

Sets the visual bell message. Message is printed to the status line if the window receives a bell character (^G), vbell is set to ‘on’ and the terminal does not support a visual bell. The default message is ‘Wuff, Wuff!!’. Without parameter, the current message is shown.

— Command: vbellwait sec

Define a delay in seconds after each display of screen 's visual bell message. The default is 1 second.