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5.2 Command Summary

acladd usernames
Allow other users in this session. See Multiuser Session.
aclchg usernames permbits list
Change a user's permissions. See Multiuser Session.
acldel username
Disallow other user in this session. See Multiuser Session.
aclgrp usrname [groupname]
Inherit permissions granted to a group leader. See Multiuser Session.
aclumask [users]+/-bits ...
Predefine access to new windows. See Umask.
activity message
Set the activity notification message. See Monitor.
addacl usernames
Synonym to acladd. See Multiuser Session.
allpartial state
Set all windows to partial refresh. See Redisplay.
altscreen state
Enables support for the "alternate screen" terminal capability. See Redisplay.
at [ident][#|*|%] command [args]
Execute a command at other displays or windows. See At.
attrcolor attrib [attribute/color-modifier]
Map attributes to colors. See Attrcolor.
autodetach state
Automatically detach the session on SIGHUP. See Detach.
autonuke state
Enable a clear screen to discard unwritten output. See Autonuke.
backtick id lifespan autorefresh command [args]
Define a command for the backtick string escape. See Backtick.
bce [state]
Change background color erase. See Character Processing.
bell_msg [message]
Set the bell notification message. See Bell.
bind [-c class] key [command [args]]
Bind a command to a key. See Bind.
bindkey [opts] [string [cmd args]]
Bind a string to a series of keystrokes. See Bindkey.
Blank the screen. See Screen Saver.
Define a blanker program. See Screen Saver.
break [duration]
Send a break signal to the current window. See Break.
breaktype [tcsendbreak | TCSBRK | TIOCSBRK]
Specify how to generate breaks. See Break.
bufferfile [exchange-file]
Select a file for screen-exchange. See Screen Exchange.
c1 [state]
Change c1 code processing. See Character Processing.
caption mode [string]
Change caption mode and string. See Regions.
chacl usernames permbits list
Synonym to aclchg. See Multiuser Session.
charset set
Change character set slot designation. See Character Processing.
chdir [directory]
Change the current directory for future windows. See Chdir.
Clear the window screen. See Clear.
Enter a screen command. See Colon.
command [-c class]
Simulate the screen escape key. See Command Character.
compacthist [state]
Selects compaction of trailing empty lines. See Scrollback.
console [state]
Grab or ungrab console output. See Console.
Enter copy mode. See Copy.
copy_reg [key]
Removed. Use paste instead. See Registers.
crlf state
Select line break behavior for copying. See Line Termination.
debug state
Suppress/allow debugging output. See Debug.
defautonuke state
Select default autonuke behavior. See Autonuke.
defbce state
Select background color erase. See Character Processing.
defbreaktype [tcsendbreak | TCSBRK | TIOCSBRK]
Specify the default for generating breaks. See Break.
defc1 state
Select default c1 processing behavior. See Character Processing.
defcharset [set]
Change defaul character set slot designation. See Character Processing.
defencoding enc
Select default window encoding. See Character Processing.
defescape xy
Set the default command and meta characters. See Command Character.
defflow fstate
Select default flow control behavior. See Flow.
defgr state
Select default GR processing behavior. See Character Processing.
defhstatus [status]
Select default window hardstatus line. See Hardstatus.
deflog state
Select default window logging behavior. See Log.
deflogin state
Select default utmp logging behavior. See Login.
defmode mode
Select default file mode for ptys. See Mode.
defmonitor state
Select default activity monitoring behavior. See Monitor.
defnonblock state|numsecs
Select default nonblock mode. See Nonblock.
defobuflimit limit
Select default output buffer limit. See Obuflimit.
defscrollback num
Set default lines of scrollback. See Scrollback.
defshell command
Set the default program for new windows. See Shell.
defsilence state
Select default idle monitoring behavior. See Silence.
defslowpaste msec
Select the default inter-character timeout when pasting. See Paste.
defutf8 state
Select default character encoding. See Character Processing.
defwrap state
Set default line-wrapping behavior. See Wrap.
defwritelock on|off|auto
Set default writelock behavior. See Multiuser Session.
defzombie [keys]
Keep dead windows. See Zombie.
detach [-h]
Disconnect screen from the terminal. See Detach.
Enter digraph sequence. See Digraph.
Display terminal information. See Info.
List currently active user interfaces. See Displays.
Write the window's termcap entry to a file. See Dump Termcap.
echo [-n] message
Display a message on startup. See Startup.
encoding enc [denc]
Set the encoding of a window. See Character Processing.
escape xy
Set the command and meta characters. See Command Character.
eval command1 [command2 ...]
Parse and execute each argument. See Eval.
exec [[fdpat] command [args ...]]
Run a subprocess (filter). See Exec.
Change window size to current display size. See Window Size.
flow [fstate]
Set flow control behavior. See Flow.
Move focus to next region. See Regions.
gr [state]
Change GR charset processing. See Character Processing.
hardcopy [-h] [file]
Write out the contents of the current window. See Hardcopy.
hardcopy_append state
Append to hardcopy files. See Hardcopy.
hardcopydir directory
Place, where to dump hardcopy files. See Hardcopy.
hardstatus [state]
Use the hardware status line. See Hardware Status Line.
height [lines [cols]]
Set display height. See Window Size.
help [-c class]
Display current key bindings. See Help.
Find previous command beginning .... See History.
hstatus status
Change the window's hardstatus line. See Hardstatus.
idle [timeout [cmd args]]
Define a screen saver command. See Screen Saver.
ignorecase [state]
Ignore character case in searches. See Searching.
Display window settings. See Info.
ins_reg [key]
Removed, use paste instead. See Registers.
Destroy the current window. See Kill.
Redisplay the last message. See Last Message.
Display licensing information. See Startup.
Lock the controlling terminal. See Lock.
log [state]
Log all output in the current window. See Log.
logfile filename
Place where to collect logfiles. See Log.
login [state]
Log the window in /etc/utmp. See Login.
logtstamp [state]
Configure logfile time-stamps. See Log.
Use only the default mapping table for the next keystroke. See Bindkey Control.
Don't try to do keymapping on the next keystroke. See Bindkey Control.
maptimeout timo
Set the inter-character timeout used for keymapping. See Bindkey Control.
markkeys string
Rebind keys in copy mode. See Copy Mode Keys.
maxwin n
Set the maximum window number. See Maxwin.
Insert the command character. See Command Character.
monitor [state]
Monitor activity in window. See Monitor.
msgminwait sec
Set minimum message wait. See Message Wait.
msgwait sec
Set default message wait. See Message Wait.
multiuser state
Go into single or multi user mode. See Multiuser Session.
nethack state
Use nethack-like error messages. See Nethack.
Switch to the next window. See Selecting.
nonblock [state|numsecs]
Disable flow control to the current display. See Nonblock.|numsecs]
number [n]
Change/display the current window's number. See Number.
obuflimit [limit]
Select output buffer limit. See Obuflimit.
Kill all other regions. See Regions.
Switch to the window you were in last. See Selecting.
partial state
Set window to partial refresh. See Redisplay.
password [crypted_pw]
Set reattach password. See Detach.
paste [src_regs [dest_reg]]
Paste contents of paste buffer or registers somewhere. See Paste.
pastefont [state]
Include font information in the paste buffer. See Paste.
Close and Reopen the window's terminal. See Break.
Detach and hang up. See Power Detach.
pow_detach_msg [message]
Set message displayed on pow_detach. See Power Detach.
Switch to the previous window. See Selecting.
printcmd [cmd]
Set a command for VT100 printer port emulation. See Printcmd.
process [key]
Treat a register as input to screen. See Registers.
Kill all windows and exit. See Quit.
readbuf [-e encoding] [filename]
Read the paste buffer from the screen-exchange file. See Screen Exchange.
readreg [-e encoding] [reg [file]]
Load a register from paste buffer or file. See Registers.
Redisplay the current window. See Redisplay.
register [-e encoding] key string
Store a string to a register. See Registers.
Kill current region. See Regions.
Delete the screen-exchange file. See Screen Exchange.
Reset the terminal settings for the window. See Reset.
resize [(+/-)lines]
Grow or shrink a region
screen [opts] [n] [cmd [args]]
Create a new window. See Screen Command.
scrollback num
Set size of scrollback buffer. See Scrollback.
select [n]
Switch to a specified window. See Selecting.
sessionname [name]
Name this session. See Session Name.
setenv [var [string]]
Set an environment variable for new windows. See Setenv.
setsid state
Controll process group creation for windows. See Setsid.
shell command
Set the default program for new windows. See Shell.
shelltitle title
Set the default name for new windows. See Shell.
silence [state|seconds]
Monitor a window for inactivity. See Silence.
silencewait seconds
Default timeout to trigger an inactivity notify. See Silence.
sleep num
Pause during startup. See Startup.
slowpaste msec
Slow down pasting in windows. See Paste.
source file
Run commands from a file. See Source.
sorendition [attr [color]]
Change text highlighting. See Sorendition.
Split region into two parts. See Regions.
startup_message state
Display copyright notice on startup. See Startup.
stuff string
Stuff a string in the input buffer of a window. See Paste.
su [username [password [password2]]]
Identify a user. See Multiuser Session.
Put session in background. See Suspend.
term term
Set $TERM for new windows. See Term.
termcap term terminal-tweaks [window-tweaks]
Tweak termcap entries for best performance. See Termcap Syntax.
terminfo term terminal-tweaks [window-tweaks]
Ditto, for terminfo systems. See Termcap Syntax.
termcapinfo term terminal-tweaks [window-tweaks]
Ditto, for both systems. See Termcap Syntax.
time [string]
Display time and load average. See Time.
title [windowtitle]
Set the name of the current window. See Title Command.
umask [users]+/-bits ...
Synonym to aclumask. See Umask.
unsetenv var
Unset environment variable for new windows. See Setenv.
utf8 [state [dstate]]
Select character encoding of the current window. See Character Processing.
vbell [state]
Use visual bell. See Bell.
vbell_msg [message]
Set vbell message. See Bell.
vbellwait sec
Set delay for vbell message. See Bell.
Display screen version. See Version.
wall message
Write a message to all displays. See Multiuser Session.
width [cols [lines]]
Set the width of the window. See Window Size.
windowlist [-b] | string [string] | title [title]
Present a list of all windows for selection. See Windowlist.
List active windows. See Windows.
wrap [state]
Control line-wrap behavior. See Wrap.
writebuf [-e encoding] [filename]
Write paste buffer to screen-exchange file. See Screen Exchange.
writelock on|off|auto
Grant exclusive write permission. See Multiuser Session.
Send an XOFF character. See XON/XOFF.
Send an XON character. See XON/XOFF.
zmodem [off|auto|catch|pass]
Define how screen treats zmodem requests. See Zmodem.
zombie [keys [onerror] ]
Keep dead windows. See Zombie.