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20.23 Screen Saver

Command: idle [timeout [cmd args]]

Sets a command that is run after the specified number of seconds inactivity is reached. This command will normally be the blanker command to create a screen blanker, but it can be any screen command. If no command is specified, only the timeout is set. A timeout of zero (ot the special timeout off) disables the timer. If no arguments are given, the current settings are displayed.

Command: blanker

Activate the screen blanker. First the screen is cleared. If no blanker program is defined, the cursor is turned off, otherwise, the program is started and it’s output is written to the screen. The screen blanker is killed with the first keypress, the read key is discarded.

This command is normally used together with the idle command.

Command: blankerprg [program args]

Defines a blanker program. Disables the blanker program if an empty argument is given. Shows the currently set blanker program if no arguments are given.