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7.4 Windowlist

— Command: windowlist [-b] [-m]
— Command: windowlist string [string]
— Command: windowlist title [title]

(C-a ")
Display all windows in a table for visual window selection. The desired window can be selected via the standard movement keys (see Movement) and activated via the return key. If the -b option is given, screen will switch to the blank window before presenting the list, so that the current window is also selectable. The -m option changes the order of the windows, instead of sorting by window numbers screen uses its internal most-recently-used list.

The table format can be changed with the string and title option, the title is displayed as table heading, while the lines are made by using the string setting. The default setting is ‘Num Name%=Flags’ for the title and ‘%3n %t%=%f’ for the lines. See the string escapes chapter (see String Escapes) for more codes (e.g. color settings).