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1.4 Command line options

-h, --help

Display this help and exit.

-V, --version

Display version information and exit.

-L, --list-servers

Display prefix and description of each builtin server, one per line, and exit. If Serveez was configured to include the Guile server (see Building and installing), the output includes an additional line:

(dynamic)      (servers defined in scheme)
-i, --iflist

List local network interfaces and exit.

-f, --cfg-file=FILENAME

File to use as configuration file (serveez.cfg).

-v, --verbose=LEVEL

Set level of logging verbosity.

-l, --log-file=FILENAME

Use FILENAME for logging (default is stderr).

-P, --password=STRING

Set the password for control connections. This option is available only if the control protocol is enabled. See Control Protocol Server.

-m, --max-sockets=COUNT

Set the maximum number of socket descriptors.

-d, --daemon

Start as daemon in background.

-c, --stdin

Use standard input as configuration file.

-s, --solitary

Do not start any builtin coserver instances.