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2.2.1 unshar help/usage (--help)

This is the automatically generated usage text for unshar.

The text printed is the same whether selected with the help option (--help) or the more-help option (--more-help). more-help will print the usage text by passing it through a pager program. more-help is disabled on platforms without a working fork(2) function. The PAGER environment variable is used to select the program, defaulting to more. Both will exit with a status code of 0.

Usage: /u/ROOT/usr/local/bin/unshar [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

  -d, --directory=DIRECTORY   change to DIRECTORY before unpacking
  -c, --overwrite             pass -c to shar script for overwriting files
  -e, --exit-0                same as `--split-at="exit 0"'
  -E, --split-at=STRING       split concatenated shars after STRING
  -f, --force                 same as `-c'
      --help                  display this help and exit
      --version               output version information and exit

If no FILE, standard input is read.
Report bugs to <>.