Feature Enhanced GNU InetUtils

This is a modified copy of GNU InetUtils with the following new features.

The goal is to roll releases to generate user feedback, in the hope that the patches can eventually be integrated in up-stream official GNU InetUtils.

You can view the FEG specific NEWS file and ChangeLog file.

FEG InetUtils is developed in CVS on Savannah, and you can browse the CVS.

Release 2.0.0 is available from the release directory. Patch compared to stock GNU InetUtils from CVS as of today is also available.

To report problems or discuss FEG InetUtils, send e-mail to the mailing list address feg-inetutils@josefsson.org. Note! Please send all bug reports or inquiries to us, not to the GNU InetUtils maintainers, they are not responsible for our work.

The Shishi support is typically enabled by building using:

	./configure --enable-authentication --enable-encryption --with-shishi

The TLS support is typically enabled by building using:

	./configure --with-tls

To enable both Shishi and TLS, just combine the parameters.

Simon Josefsson