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1.204.1 VFS.ArchiveFile: ArchiveMember protocol

fillMember: anArchiveMember
Extract the information on anArchiveMember. Answer false if it actually does not exist in the archive; otherwise, answer true after having told anArchiveMember about them by sending #size:stCtime:stMtime:stAtime:isDirectory: to it.

member: anArchiveMember do: aBlock
Evaluate aBlock once for each file in the directory represented by anArchiveMember, passing its name.

member: anArchiveMember mode: bits
Set the permission bits for the file in anArchiveMember.

Extract the directory listing from the archive

removeMember: anArchiveMember
Remove the member represented by anArchiveMember.

updateMember: anArchiveMember
Update the member represented by anArchiveMember by copying the file into which it was extracted back to the archive.