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2.7 Automatic documentation generator

GNU Smalltalk includes an automatic documentation generator invoked via the gst-doc command. The code is actually part of the ClassPublisher package, and gst-doc takes care of reading the code to be documented and firing a ClassPublisher.

Currently, gst-doc can only generate output in Texinfo format, though this will change in future releases.

gst-doc can document code that is already in the image, or it can load external files and packages. Note that the latter approach will not work for files and packages that programmatically create code or file in other files/packages.

gst-doc is invoked as follows:

gst-doc [ flag ... ] class ...

The following options are supported:

-p package

Produce documentation for the classes inside the package package.

-f file

Produce documentation for the classes inside the file file.


Produce documentation for the code that is already in the given image.


Emit documentation in the named file.

class is either a class name, or a namespace name followed by .*. Documentation will be written for classes that are specified in the command line. class can be omitted if a -f or -p option is given. In this case, documentation will be written for all the classes in the package.