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2.3 How to change implicit settings

All Sqltutor database objects are defined in the SCHEMA sqltutor. Five output variables are defined in ‘configure.ac’ with the following implicit values.


PostgreSQL database name used by Sqltutor.


WWW user for CGI script sqlutor with full access rights to all tables.


Password for CGI script for the user SQLTUTOR_WWW_USER


Database role used for running queries entered by users. SQLTUTOR_WWW_EXEC is granted SLECT to datasets’ tables and revoked all rigths on all other sqltutor tables.


Password for CGI script for the user SQLTUTOR_WWW_EXEC (implicitly the same password as for SQLTUTOR_WWW_USER).

These macros are used by all modules and you can change their implicit values if needed in the ‘configure.ac’ file.

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