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2.5 Building and installing Sqltutor

To create all Makefiles needed for building binary CGI script ‘sqltutor’, populating Sqltutor database and making info manual go to Sqltutor home directory and run


to create a ‘configure’ script (if it is not allready present) and then

   ./configure --bindir=/usr/lib/cgi-bin [ --infodir=/usr/share/info ]

Parameter --bindir defines to which directory CGI script ‘sqltutor’ will be installed. For general information on using GNU autotool see the standard Basic Installation instructions in the ‘INSTALL’.

Sqltutor CGI binary with info manual is installed and the database is populated by running

make DESTDIR=install_root_directory install

from the main source directory. Parameter DESTDIR is optional and defines a root directory into which binary ‘sqltutor’ and ‘sqltutor.info’ will be installed. This parameter is needed if you do not have access ritght for writing to ‘/usr/local/cgi-bin’ and ‘/usr/share/info’ (implicit values).

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