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1.1.2 Tutorial Dialog

Tutorial dialog page displays selected tutorial question, its corresponding tables an their columns and text area for entering SQL code.


Figure 1.2: Tutorial dialog

Execute SQL

Executes SQL query written in the text area edit component, evaluates the result (correct or wrong answer) and displays the resulting rows. Only correct answers are registered, user can execute his/her query as many times as needed for getting a correct solution.

Display data

Display rows for all tables from the given dataset. Number of rows or a table is limited to 50 for larger tables.


This button is available if help was checked in the Opening dialog page. When clicked, Sqltutor displays one or more correct SQL queries for the given question.

Next question

Next tutorial question. If all questions has been answered, tutorial is ended.

Finish test

Close the session and go to the final evaluation page and close the test.

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