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1.2 Sessions, questions and answers

When tutorial is selected from the opening dialog page and started a new session is opened. Sessions record all options selected in the opening dialogue, the start time and the session status which can be open or closed. Session is closed when the tutorial dialogue is regularly finished.

All questions asked during the tutorial sessions are recorded keeping the track of your SQL answered queries. Number of tries during tutorial dialog is not relevant for the final evaluation, only the latest solution is recorded. An answer is registered when Execute SQL, Next question or Finish test button is pressed.

Each question registered in the tutorial database has a point evaluation. Trivial questions are rated by 1 point, nontrivial questions can have point rating up to 15 points. For each question one or more correct answer is stored in the database. When help is enabled during opening dialog, correct answers are displayed when help button is pressed.

Questions are asked about data from datasets, where dataset is one or more SQL tables. Datasets can be shared by different tutorials. Sqltutor selects questions in random manner, starting from easy ones to nontrivial. (1)

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