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srchilite::Formatter Class Referenceabstract

The base abstract class for formatting strings. More...

#include <formatter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void format (const std::string &s, const FormatterParams *params=0)=0
 Formats the passed string. More...

Detailed Description

The base abstract class for formatting strings.

Derived classes must implement the abstract method notify. Note that only the string to format is passed (and some additional information in a FormatterParams object); everything else (e.g., what kind of elements this formatter handles) must be part of the Formatter itself (i.e., of the subclass).

Member Function Documentation

virtual void srchilite::Formatter::format ( const std::string &  s,
const FormatterParams params = 0 
pure virtual

Formats the passed string.

thestring to format
paramspossible additional parameters for the formatter

Implemented in srchilite::TextStyleFormatter.

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