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3.1 PSF Basics

For information about PSFs in general, see the info manual on the Swbis home page, or, the sw manual page. This section applies to all PSFs.

Here some basic information. The PSF consists of object keywords and attribute keywords. The most common object keywords are distribution, bundle, vendor, product, and fileset. All attribute keywords exist in an object context and some attribute keywords are used in several object keywords contexts. To disambiguate the following notation is used: object_name.attribute.

Comments are lines or parts of lines that begin with #. Whitespace in a PSF is not significant. Objects are terminated by the next object keyword. Unrecognized attributes are allowed but unrecognized objects are not allowed.

The tag attribute in all objects should not contain the following four characters ' ', ':','.', ',' (space, colon, comma, period).