swbisparse -- Read and parse POSIX.7.2 metadata.


       swbisparse {--installed|-o,--info|-i,--index|-p,--psf} [-b] [-n] [-l level] [file]

       swbisparse {-d,--decode} [package_file]


       swbisparse reads and parses POSIX.7.2 metadata files: INDEX, INFO and
       psf files.

       swbisparse writes an implementation defined format to stdout.  The
       format indicates the keyword type, (O)bject, (A)ttribute, or,
       (E)xtended, and, containment level.  Newlines in multi-line values are
       translated to '\n' and output on a single line.

       When decoding a package file, package_file, swbisparse emits a format
       that includes the length (in bytes) of the attribute value.  The format
       consists of ASCII data.  Binary data in the input will cause an error.

       For Example, the following PSF file:

        layout_version 1.0
        description "This is a
        multi line value"
        tag p1
        tag p2
        path /etc/passwd

       is translated to:

        F00 PSF:
        O01 distribution
        A02  layout_version 1.0
        O02  product
        A03   description "This is a\nmulti line value"
        A03   tag p1
        O03   fileset
        A04    tag p2
        O04    file
        A05     path /etc/passwd

   Hewlett-Packard SD-UX Compatibility
       This parser does not use nor require the end keyword to terminate
       objects as is commonly the practice for PSF files written for Hewlett-
       Packard's SD-UX equipped systems.  The end keyword can appear in PSF,
       INDEX and INFO files, however, it will merely be scanned and the token
       discarded.  Another incompatibility is based on this parser's
       termination of an object definition by the first extended keyword.
       This restriction may not exist in the SD-UX grammar because the object
       is bracketed by the nesting of end keywords and not by the existence of
       the first object or extended keyword.


       --info-o     Parse an INFO file.

       --installed     Parse the installed software catalog file INSTALLED.

       --psf-p     Parse a PSF file.

       --index-i     Parse an INDEX file.

       -b     Beautify by indention and emit a file
              semantically identical to the input file.

       -n     Emit format that is marked up with the
              value's lengths in bytes.

       -l level     Set initial containment level
              to level.


       Conforming to POSIX.7.2, however, A stand-alone parser utility by this
       (or any) name is not specified in ISO/IEC 15068-2:1999




        Author: Jim Lowe
        Version: 0.481
        Last Updated 2006-02-15
        Copying: GNU Free Documentation License v1.1


       This program is mainly a testing and development tool.

       Requirements for inclusion (exclusion) of certain keywords in (from)
       the parsed output is not enforced.  Quoted trailing whitespace in the
       attribute value is discarded.