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Xsparse is an auxiliary program that expands condensed sparse files back to their original state. You will need this utility if you have a POSIX archive, created by GNU tar, which contains sparse members and need to extract files from this archive using a third-party tar, that does not support sparse extensions.


The utility is distributed in source form: xsparse.c.


To compile the utility, run

cc -oxsparse xsparse.c


Refer to Sparse Recovery section for the detailed discussion of xsparse and its usage.

Following is a short usage summary:

xsparse [OPTIONS] infile [outfile]

Available OPTIONS are:

-h Display a short help summary.
-n Dry run: do nothing, only print what would have been done. This option implies -v.
-v Increase verbosity level.
-x FILE Read extended header variables from FILE.

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