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6 Standards

The most authoritative source of information on control functions, their representations in bytes, and their intended meaning, is the Ecma-48 / ISO/IEC 6429 standard. Also related is the Ecma-35 / ISO/IEC 2022 standard, which describes control functions for switching the character encoding, and defines the possible forms of escape sequence (note that, in Teseq, “escape sequence” refers to both the Ecma-48 concept of “control sequences”, and the official Ecma-35 meaning of “escape sequence”. These standards are available, “free of charge and copyright”, at:

Teseq also recognizes some additional sequences that were not defined by international standard, but are in fairly wide use. In such cases, if descriptions are enabled, the description text for these sequences will be prefixed by a tag in parentheses that identifies where this functionality is found. For instance, (DEC) for sequences used in DEC equipment such as the VT100, or (Xterm) for squences supported by xterm. Sources of information that were used for identifying and describing these sequences, include: