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7.3 Terminal Database Awareness

Future versions of Teseq may allow the user to specify the name of the terminal for which the input was intended, which Teseq will then use to detect when a feature from that terminal’s entry in the terminal database (for example, the terminfo database) has been invoked.

Since features from terminal database entries often involve multiple Ecma-48 / ISO/IEC 6429 controls, Teseq would probably need to indicate out-of-band “start” and “end” markers for the feature. For instance, if the definition for the ‘clear’ feature for the specified terminal is ‘\E[H\E[J’, then an input string of ‘\E[m\E[H\E[J\E(B’ might result in output like:

: Esc [ m
# start: clear
: Esc [ H
: Esc [ J
# end: clear
: Esc ( B

(Label and description lines have been removed from this example.)

No commitment has been made to any particular output format for this feature; the above is intended purely as an example of one possible approach.