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Tetum to English to Tetum Dictionaries

Here you should find information on obtaining, installing, using and contributing to Tetum to English Translation Dictionaries

This set of two dictionaries is essentially a collation of translations found on the Internet. This first release is Provisional and will only improve with use.

There are currently well over 2000 headwords in each dictionary (though many are synonyms).
The next stage of development will target standardisation of Tetum spellings, an attempt at pronounciation guides, more substantial lexical entires etc.. (at least for the english version).

development status

The current status of these dictionaries is "beta", they are ready for a test run and some shaking down. They work fine on my Linux Debian/GNU (testing) install and the content is at least useful. ("if not wildly innacurate")

Translating dictionaries are not usually designed to function as a definitive full language reference and these are no exception. The next stage of development will target identification of standardised of Tetum spellings, an attempt at pronounciation guides, more substantial lexical entries etc... This will happen incrementally.

Obtaining the Dictionaries

For a time these versions will be available from here:

We will not be distributing binary packges (RPMS / DEBS) for a while yet. Though if somebody requires it I will do so. Please contact the mailing list. Tetum-translators IHA nongnu DOT org


Please see the common install notes on the head page for this section.

Briefly; you will need to have a dictd style dictionary server running before you can fully utilise these dictionaries. Note however that the .dict file format is quite human readable and very simple.. you may find a use for that as well. :) Installing is as simple as copying the new dictionary files into the shared directory dictd reads from , reloading the server and preferably restarting it.

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