Other application specific files of interest

There are a few applications that have translatable strings hidden in other files as well. Dia the diagram editor is one of them. It has strings containing descriptions of diagram objects in files with .sheet extensions. The format is XML and looks like this:

Example 2. Translatable Strings

            <sheet xmlns="http://www.lysator.liu.se/~alla/dia/dia-sheet-ns">
              <description xml:lang="fr">Objets pour l'écriture de chronogrammes.
              <description>Objects to design chronogram charts</description>
                <object name="chronogram - reference">
                  <description xml:lang="fr">Une échelle de temps</description>
                  <description>A time scale</description>
                <object name="chronogram - line">
                  <description xml:lang="fr">Une ligne de données</description>
                  <description>A data line</description>

There is no big difference here, just follow the lead of the existing translation as in this example, using your language code in xml:lang="".

Another recent find used in the 1.2 version of the panel is panel.hints. This file contains useful hints that pop up when the panel starts up. It is also in XML format. Example follows:
                <Content>Right click on the panel to get a menu</Content>
                <Content>To add an applet, right click on a panel
            then choose 'Applets', then pick an applet
            from the list</Content>
                <Content>To manipulate a panel applet, right click
            anywhere over the applet</Content>
                <Content xml:lang="cs">Manipulaci s aplety je možno dosáhnout
            pravým tlačítkem myši</Content>

Here the first hint is not translated, and second one is. This is all very similar to the previous example and thus I leave the rest as an excercise for the reader. :)

This is it for now. I hope someone will find this document useful and I can promise that it will be revised shortly and hopefully I will manage to keep it up-to-date as things move on. Cheers and thanks for your time. Let's make GNOME the most available desktop out there, language-wise at least.