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1.1 Starting Info on a Small Screen

(In Info, you only see this section if your terminal has a small number of lines; most readers pass by it without seeing it.)

Since your terminal has a relatively small number of lines on its screen, it is necessary to give you special advice at the beginning.

If the entire text you are looking at fits on the screen, the text ‘All’ will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. In the stand-alone Info reader, it is displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen; in Emacs, it is displayed on the modeline. If you see the text ‘Top’ instead, it means that there is more text below that does not fit. To move forward through the text and see another screen full, press SPC, the Space bar. To move back up, press the key labeled ‘Backspace’ or ‘DEL’ (on some keyboards, this key might be labeled ‘Delete’).