8 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo

8.1 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo NAME

Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo - Convert a Texinfo tree to Texinfo code

8.2 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo SYNOPSIS

  use Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo qw(convert_to_texinfo);

  my $texinfo_text = convert_to_texinfo($tree);

8.3 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo NOTES

The Texinfo Perl module main purpose is to be used in texi2any to convert Texinfo to other formats. There is no promise of API stability.

8.4 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo DESCRIPTION

Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo converts a Texinfo tree (described in Texinfo::Parser) to Texinfo code. If the Texinfo tree results from parsing some Texinfo document, The converted Texinfo code should be exactly the same as the initial document, except that user defined @-macros and @value are expanded, and some invalid code is discarded.

8.5 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo METHODS

$texinfo_text = convert_to_texinfo($tree)

Converts the Texinfo tree $tree to Texinfo code.

8.6 Texinfo::Convert::Texinfo AUTHOR

Patrice Dumas, <pertusus@free.fr>