Command and Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of all the @-commands, assorted Emacs Lisp functions, and several variables. To make the list easier to use, the commands are listed without their preceding ‘@’.

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!: Ending a Sentence
! (end of sentence): Ending a Sentence

": Inserting Accents
" (umlaut accent): Inserting Accents

&: Inserting an Ampersand
& (literal ‘&’): Inserting an Ampersand

': Inserting Accents
' (acute accent): Inserting Accents

*: Line Breaks
* (force line break): Line Breaks

,: Inserting Accents
, (cedilla accent): Inserting Accents

- (discretionary hyphen): @- @hyphenation
-: @- @hyphenation

.: Ending a Sentence
. (end of sentence): Ending a Sentence

/: Line Breaks
/ (allow line break): Line Breaks

:: Not Ending a Sentence
: (suppress end-of-sentence space): Not Ending a Sentence

=: Inserting Accents
= (macron accent): Inserting Accents

?: Ending a Sentence
? (end of sentence): Ending a Sentence

@ (literal ‘@’): Inserting an Atsign
@: Inserting an Atsign

\ (literal ‘\’ in math): Inserting a Backslash
\: Inserting a Backslash

^: Inserting Accents
^ (circumflex accent): Inserting Accents

`: Inserting Accents
` (grave accent): Inserting Accents

{: Inserting Braces
{ (literal ‘{’): Inserting Braces

}: Inserting Braces
} (literal ‘}’): Inserting Braces

~: Inserting Accents
~ (tilde accent): Inserting Accents

aa: Inserting Accents
AA: Inserting Accents
abbr: @abbr
acronym: @acronym
ae: Inserting Accents
AE: Inserting Accents
afivepaper: A4 Paper
afourlatex: A4 Paper
afourpaper: A4 Paper
afourwide: A4 Paper
alias: @alias
allowcodebreaks: @allowcodebreaks
ampchar: Inserting an Ampersand
anchor: @anchor
appendix: @unnumbered @appendix
appendixsec: @unnumberedsec @appendixsec @heading
appendixsection: @unnumberedsec @appendixsec @heading
appendixsubsec: @unnumberedsubsec @appendixsubsec @subheading
appendixsubsubsec: @subsubsection
apply: Sample Function Definition
arrow: Click Sequences
asis: @table
atchar: Inserting an Atsign
author: @title @subtitle @author

b: Fonts
b (bold font): Fonts
\backslash: Inserting a Backslash
backslashchar: Inserting a Backslash
bsixpaper: A4 Paper
bullet: @bullet
bye: Ending a File

c: Comments
caption: @caption @shortcaption
cartouche: @cartouche
center: @titlefont @center @sp
centerchap: @unnumbered @appendix
chapheading: @majorheading @chapheading
chapter: @chapter
cindex: Predefined Indices
cite: @cite
clear: @set @value
click: Click Sequences
clicksequence: Click Sequences
clickstyle: Click Sequences
code: @code
codequotebacktick: Inserting Quote Characters
codequoteundirected: Inserting Quote Characters
columnfractions: Multitable Column Widths
comma: Inserting a Comma
command: @command
comment: Comments
complete_tree_nodes_menus: Other Customization Variables
complete_tree_nodes_missing_menu: Other Customization Variables
contents: Contents
copying: @copying
copyright: @copyright
cpindex: Predefined Indices

defcodeindex: New Indices
defcv: Object-Oriented Variables
defcvx: @deffnx
deffn: Functions Commands
deffnx: @deffnx
defindex: New Indices
definfoenclose: @definfoenclose
defivar: Object-Oriented Variables
defivarx: @deffnx
defmac: Functions Commands
defmacx: @deffnx
defmethod: Object-Oriented Methods
defmethodx: @deffnx
defop: Object-Oriented Methods
defopt: Variables Commands
defoptx: @deffnx
defopx: @deffnx
defspec: Functions Commands
defspecx: @deffnx
deftp: Data Types
deftpx: @deffnx
deftypecv: Object-Oriented Variables
deftypecvx: @deffnx
deftypefn: Typed Functions
deftypefnnewline: Typed Functions
deftypefnx: @deffnx
deftypefun: Typed Functions
deftypefunx: @deffnx
deftypeivar: Object-Oriented Variables
deftypeivarx: @deffnx
deftypemethod: Object-Oriented Methods
deftypemethodx: @deffnx
deftypeop: Object-Oriented Methods
deftypeopx: @deffnx
deftypevar: Typed Variables
deftypevarx: @deffnx
deftypevr: Typed Variables
deftypevrx: @deffnx
defun: Functions Commands
defunx: @deffnx
defvar: Variables Commands
defvarx: @deffnx
defvr: Variables Commands
defvrx: @deffnx
DEL (comment character): Comments
detailmenu: Master Menu Parts
dfn: @dfn
dh: Inserting Accents
DH: Inserting Accents
dircategory: Directory Category
direntry: Installing Dir Entries
display: @display
displaymath: Inserting Math
dmn: @dmn
docbook: Raw Formatter Commands
documentdescription: @documentdescription
documentencoding: @documentencoding
documentlanguage: @documentlanguage
dotaccent: Inserting Accents
dotless: Inserting Accents
dots: @dots

email: @email
\emergencystretch: Overfull hboxes
emph: @emph @strong
end: Command Syntax
enddots: @dots
enumerate: @enumerate
env: @env
equiv: @equiv
error: @error
errormsg: Conditional Commands
errormsg, and line numbers in TeX: #line’ and TeX
euro: @euro
evenfooting: Custom Headings
evenfootingmarks: Custom Headings
evenheading: Custom Headings
evenheadingmarks: Custom Headings
everyfooting: Custom Headings
everyfootingmarks: Custom Headings
everyheading: Custom Headings
everyheadingmarks: Custom Headings
example: @example
exampleindent: @exampleindent
exclamdown: Inserting Accents
exdent: @exdent
expansion: @expansion

file: @file
fill_gaps_in_sectioning: Other Customization Variables
finalout: Overfull hboxes
findex: Predefined Indices
firstparagraphindent: @firstparagraphindent
float: @float
flushleft: @flushleft @flushright
flushright: @flushleft @flushright
fnindex: Predefined Indices
fn-name: Def Cmd Continuation Lines
fonttextsize: Fonts
foo: Inserting an Ampersand
foobar: Optional Arguments
foobar: Typed Functions
footnote: Footnotes
footnotestyle: Footnote Styles
format: @format
forward-word: Def Cmd Template
frenchspacing: @frenchspacing
ftable: @ftable @vtable

\gdef within @tex: Raw Formatter Commands
geq: @geq @leq
\globaldefs within @tex: Raw Formatter Commands
group: @group
guillemetleft: Inserting Quotation Marks
guillemetright: Inserting Quotation Marks
guillemotleft: Inserting Quotation Marks
guillemotright: Inserting Quotation Marks
guilsinglleft: Inserting Quotation Marks
guilsinglright: Inserting Quotation Marks

H: Inserting Accents
H (Hungarian umlaut accent): Inserting Accents
hashchar: Inserting a Hashsign
hbox: Overfull hboxes
heading: @unnumberedsec @appendixsec @heading
headings: @headings
headitem: Multitable Rows
headitemfont: Multitable Rows
html: Raw Formatter Commands
hyphenation: @- @hyphenation

i: Fonts
i (italic font): Fonts
ifclear: @ifset @ifclear
ifcommanddefined: Testing for Texinfo Commands
ifcommandnotdefined: Testing for Texinfo Commands
ifdocbook: Conditional Commands
ifhtml: Conditional Commands
ifinfo: Conditional Commands
iflatex: Conditional Commands
ifnotdocbook: Conditional Not Commands
ifnothtml: Conditional Not Commands
ifnotinfo: Conditional Not Commands
ifnotlatex: Conditional Not Commands
ifnotplaintext: Conditional Not Commands
ifnottex: Conditional Not Commands
ifnotxml: Conditional Not Commands
ifplaintext: Conditional Commands
ifset: @ifset @ifclear
iftex: Conditional Commands
ifxml: Conditional Commands
ignore: Comments
image: Images
include: Using Include Files
indent: @indent
indentedblock: @indentedblock
index: No Space After Definition Name
indicateurl: @indicateurl
inforef: @inforef
Info-validate: Running Info-validate
inlinefmt: Inline Conditionals
inlinefmtifelse: Inline Conditionals
inlineifclear: @inlineifset @inlineifclear
inlineifset: @inlineifset @inlineifclear
inlineraw: Inline Conditionals
\input (raw TeX startup): Minimum
insertcopying: @insertcopying
insert_nodes_for_sectioning_commands: Other Customization Variables
isearch-backward: @deffnx
isearch-forward: @deffnx
item in @itemize: @itemize
item in @multitable: Multitable Rows
item in @table: @table
itemize: @itemize
itemx: @itemx

kbd: @kbd
kbdinputstyle: @kbd
key: @key
kindex: Predefined Indices
kyindex: Predefined Indices

l: Inserting Accents
L: Inserting Accents
LaTeX: @TeX @LaTeX
latex: Raw Formatter Commands
lbracechar: Inserting Braces
leq: @geq @leq
\linkcolor: PDF Colors
lisp: @lisp
listoffloats: @listoffloats
lowersections: Raise/lower sections

macro: Defining Macros
\mag (raw TeX magnification): Magnification
majorheading: @majorheading @chapheading
makeinfo-buffer: texi2any in Emacs
makeinfo-kill-job: texi2any in Emacs
makeinfo-recenter-output-buffer: texi2any in Emacs
makeinfo-region: texi2any in Emacs
math: Inserting Math
\mathopsup: Inserting Math
menu: Menus
microtype: Microtypography
minus: @minus
move_index_entries_after_items: Other Customization Variables
multitable: Multi-column Tables

need: @need
<newline>: Multiple Spaces
next-error: texi2any in Emacs
node: Writing a Node
noindent: @noindent
novalidate: Formatting Partial Documents

o: Inserting Accents
O: Inserting Accents
occur: Using occur
occur-mode-goto-occurrence: Showing the Structure
oddfooting: Custom Headings
oddfootingmarks: Custom Headings
oddheading: Custom Headings
oddheadingmarks: Custom Headings
oe: Inserting Accents
OE: Inserting Accents
ogonek: Inserting Accents
option: @option
ordf: Inserting Accents
ordm: Inserting Accents

page: @page
page, within @titlepage: @titlepage
pagesizes: @pagesizes
paragraphindent: @paragraphindent
part: @part
pgindex: Predefined Indices
phoo: @definfoenclose
pindex: Predefined Indices
point: @point
pounds: @pounds
print: @print
printindex: Printing Indices & Menus
process: Typed Functions
push: Typed Functions
pxref: @pxref

questiondown: Inserting Accents
quotation: @quotation
quotedblbase: Inserting Quotation Marks
quotedblleft: Inserting Quotation Marks
quotedblright: Inserting Quotation Marks
quoteleft: Inserting Quotation Marks
quoteright: Inserting Quotation Marks
quotesinglbase: Inserting Quotation Marks

r: Fonts
r (roman font): Fonts
raggedright: @raggedright
raisesections: Raise/lower sections
rbracechar: Inserting Braces
ref: @ref
@refill: Obsolete @-Commands
regenerate_master_menu: Other Customization Variables
registeredsymbol: @registeredsymbol
relate_index_entries_to_table_entries: Other Customization Variables
result: @result
ringaccent: Inserting Accents
rmacro: Defining Macros

samp: @samp
sansserif: Fonts
sc: Smallcaps
section: @section
seealso: Advanced Indexing
seeentry: Advanced Indexing
set: @set @value
setchapternewpage: @setchapternewpage
@setcontentsaftertitlepage: Obsolete @-Commands
setfilename: @setfilename
@setshortcontentsaftertitlepage: Obsolete @-Commands
settitle: @settitle
shortcaption: @caption @shortcaption
shortcontents: Contents
shorttitlepage: @titlepage
simple_menu: Other Customization Variables
slanted: Fonts
smallbook: @smallbook
smalldisplay: small
smallexample: small
smallformat: small
smallindentedblock: small
smalllisp: small
smallquotation: small
sortas: Indexing Commands
sp: @sp
sp (titlepage line spacing): @titlefont @center @sp
<space>: Multiple Spaces
ss: Inserting Accents
strong: @emph @strong
sub: Inserting Subscripts and Superscripts
subentry: Advanced Indexing
subheading: @unnumberedsubsec @appendixsubsec @subheading
subsection: @subsection
subsubheading: @subsubsection
subsubsection: @subsubsection
subtitle: @title @subtitle @author
summarycontents: Contents
sup: Inserting Subscripts and Superscripts
syncodeindex: @syncodeindex
synindex: @synindex

t: Fonts
t (typewriter font): Fonts
t.test: Typed Functions
tab: Multitable Rows
<tab>: Multiple Spaces
table: Two-column Tables
TeX: @TeX @LaTeX
tex: Raw Formatter Commands
texinfo-all-menus-update: Updating Commands
texinfo-every-node-update: Updating Commands
texinfo-format-buffer: texinfo-format commands
texinfo-format-region: texinfo-format commands
texinfo-indent-menu-description: Other Updating Commands
texinfo-insert-braces: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@code: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@dfn: Inserting
texinfo-insert-dwim-@ref: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@end: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@example: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@item: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@kbd: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@node: Inserting
texinfo-insert-node-lines: Other Updating Commands
texinfo-insert-@noindent: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@samp: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@table: Inserting
texinfo-insert-@var: Inserting
texinfo-make-menu: Updating Commands
texinfo-master-menu: Updating Commands
texinfo-multiple-files-update: Update Multiple Files
texinfo-sequential-node-update: Other Updating Commands
texinfo-show-structure: Showing the Structure
texinfo-start-menu-description: Inserting
texinfo-tex-buffer: Printing
texinfo-tex-print: Printing
texinfo-tex-region: Printing
texinfo-update-node: Updating Commands
textdegree: @textdegree
th: Inserting Accents
TH: Inserting Accents
thischapter: Custom Headings
thischaptername: Custom Headings
thischapternum: Custom Headings
thisfile: Custom Headings
thispage: Custom Headings
thissection: Custom Headings
thissectionname: Custom Headings
thissectionnum: Custom Headings
thistitle: Custom Headings
tie: @tie
tieaccent: Inserting Accents
tindex: Predefined Indices
title: @title @subtitle @author
titlefont: @titlefont @center @sp
titlepage: @titlepage
today: Custom Headings
top: @top Command
tpindex: Predefined Indices

u: Inserting Accents
U: Inserting Unicode
u (breve accent): Inserting Accents
ubaraccent: Inserting Accents
udotaccent: Inserting Accents
unmacro: Defining Macros
unnumbered: @unnumbered @appendix
unnumberedsec: @unnumberedsec @appendixsec @heading
unnumberedsubsec: @unnumberedsubsec @appendixsubsec @subheading
unnumberedsubsubsec: @subsubsection
up-list: Inserting
uref: @url
urefbreakstyle: URL Line Breaking
\urefurlonlylinktrue: @url PDF Output Format
url: @url
\urlcolor: PDF Colors

v: Inserting Accents
v (caron): Inserting Accents
value: @set @value
var: @var
verb: @verb
verbatim: @verbatim
verbatiminclude: @verbatiminclude
vindex: Predefined Indices
vrvindex: Predefined Indices
vskip TeX vertical skip: Copyright
vtable: @ftable @vtable

w: @w

xml: Raw Formatter Commands
xref: @xref
xrefautomaticsectiontitle: Three Arguments