15.2 Conditional Not Commands

You can specify text to be included in any output format other than a given one with the @ifnot… environments:

@ifnotdocbook ... @end ifnotdocbook
@ifnothtml ... @end ifnothtml
@ifnotinfo ... @end ifnotinfo
@ifnotlatex ... @end ifnotlatex
@ifnotplaintext ... @end ifnotplaintext
@ifnottex ... @end ifnottex
@ifnotxml ... @end ifnotxml

The @ifnot… command and the @end command must appear on lines by themselves in your actual source file.

If the output file is being made in the given format, the region is ignored. Otherwise, it is included.

There is one exception (for historical compatibility): @ifnotinfo text is omitted for both Info and plain text output, not just Info. To specify text which appears only in Info and not in plain text, use @ifnotplaintext, like this:

This will be in Info, but not plain text.
@end ifnotplaintext
@end ifinfo

The regions delimited by these commands are ordinary Texinfo source as with @iftex, not raw formatter source as with @tex (see Raw Formatter Commands).