5.1 Different Cross-reference Commands

There are three different cross-reference commands:


Used to start a sentence with an Info cross-reference saying ‘*Note name: node.’ or with ‘See …’ in other output formats.


Used within or, more often, at the end of a sentence; produces an Info cross-reference saying ‘*note name: node.’, and just the reference in other output formats, without the preceding ‘See’.


Used within parentheses, at the end of a sentence, or otherwise before punctuation, to make a reference. Its output starts with a lowercase ‘*note’ in Info, and with a lowercase ‘see’ in the other output formats. (‘p’ is for ‘parenthesis’.)

Additionally, there are commands to produce references to documents outside the Texinfo system. The @cite command is used to make references to books and manuals. @url produces a URL, for example a reference to a page on the World Wide Web.